In an intimate, delightful space Moumita Ghosh, gave an exquisite solo performance. Elegant and graceful, Moumita has been dancing from the age of 8 for 18 years. If the Pallavi epitomized bhangi & chouka perfection and lyricism, the abhinaya has conviction in understatement.
Leela Venkataram
The Hindu
Moumita’s Odissi recital reflected sound training, good taste and a concern for the different aspects of a performance. One could see reflection of her guru not only in neat and controlled Nritta & her understated Abhinaya but also in her expression during these pure dance passages.
Anjana Rajan
The Hindu
Her passion for dance is so strong that it almost becomes tangible.
Nilakshi Bhattacharaya
The Times of India
Moumita the quintessential artiste, whose dance reflects integrity and sublimity, carries forward the legacy of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. Her exacting control over her abhinaya rather impressive footwork and impeccable tribhangi positions which is further embellished during the chowk position, point to the rigorous training that Mounita has gone.
Lada Guden Singh
The statesman
Dancing Odissi in surefooted confidence at the India International Center, Moumita Ghosh a student of Madhavi Mudgal did her guru proud in her execution of the Manglacharan and the Chhayanat pallavi.
Leela Venkataram
The Hindu
Moumita has surely come a long way and with an earnest dedication to pursue art to her best, nothing can stop her from scaling new heights.
Safari India
Es artista del mundo porque logra comunicar, a traves de la sutil firmeza de sus coreografias, los sentimientos tan propios e individuales de la cultura india, y tan universales, que encajan perfectamente con cualquier faceta, ambito y origen del ser humano.
Jorge Aspron
El Corregidor
Queretero, Mexico
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